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The ANAC International Aerobic Championship is the official world-class athletic competition for selected winners and/or highest-ranking athletes of ANAC national member affiliates and ANAC associates. The first International Aerobic Championship (Formerly the World Aerobic Championship) was presented in 1990. 


The Association of National Aerobic Championships (ANAC) is the founding organization for sportaerobics/aerobic gymnastics worldwide. First established in 1983 as the United States National Aerobic Championship and later as the International Competitive Aerobics Federation (ICAF), the ANAC will present its 30th Annual International Aerobic Championship in Phoenix, July 27-31, 2019.

The ANAC is pleased to continue the AeroDance category consisting of Individuals, Mixed Pairs, Trios and Teams (5-10 athletes) in Junior, Varsity and Senior divisions. AeroDance is conducted with more focus on dance and performance with a choice of optional dance styles like hip hop, salsa, and others. AeroDance is quickly becoming the athletes' and spectators' favorite at ANAC events and is a good choice as an introductory level for new athletes to the sport.

The ANAC is anticipating the 2019 International Aerobic Championship to be among the most widely attended. We especially welcome our long-standing international affiliates and of course, all FIG members to the 2019 events. 

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