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At Fit Youth, we love what we do, and it is our passion that helps us explore newer avenues in Sportaerobics and kinaesthetic. Creative Gymnastics is an intricate art and our team is dedicated to helping students capture it in a tangible way of self-expression. It’s a wonder what the body can achieve when the mind can express it fully. And with rising problems of childhood obesity, our program is essential to a healthier course of action.


Students get full guidance and mentoring through a Level Program specially designed by experts like Mr. Anoop Gurung and Paulo Dos Santos - acclaimed gymnasts whose reputation in their field precedes them – with dance veterans Akash Monga and Nitika Bisht whose years of expertise in professional dancing bring out the best in their students. We also enjoy the partnership of International experts, Mikhail Nazaryev, Maria Nazaryev and certified trainers of Happy Dance and FitYouth for bringing out the best Indian national team to be trained under Mr. Anoop Gurung and visiting experts. Being the only organisation to be affiliated with ANAC (Association of National Aerobics Championship Worldwide Est. 1984), we collectively work towards bringing out the best talents to represent India in the International Aerobics Gymnastics championship.


Our School Sport Aerobics and creative body movement is a key method of achieving wholesome wellbeing and a motivated mind-set for the educational years. We have developed a well thought out program that blends into the natural curriculum and prepares students for a healthier future. Our current curriculum focuses on students from Kindergarten to Grade-VIII, and wishes to bring out the best in their physical aptitude. We start from a grass-root level participation and train the students in Aero dance, kinesthetic and gymnastics aerobics, and prepare them for participations in the International Aerobics Championships of The Association of National Aerobics Championship Worldwide.


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