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Working at FitYouth


We are meticulous. We are excellence seekers. We are forever on our toes to train for the best, always in the pursuit to outdo. And we are looking for equally passionate minds to add their value to the mission. Working at FitYouth can be a challenging ground, but its rewards are equally gratifying. Great success doesn’t come an easy way. And every one of us here are ready to push it to the limit.

Open to opportunities


There’s always room to explore at FitYouth, and for anyone with a passion for the art, this place is a stage for prospering.  The doors to National and International events are always open for those who display their expertise in the field and work efficiently towards alleviating the problems of childhood obesity and diabesity.


Earning an ANAC affiliation is one of the highest regarded honours in the field. As is being a Certificated Trainer for Happy Dance Power System, in India.The sky is the limit here, at FitYouth, for anyone who is ready to push it to the edge.

Who can apply?

Anybody passionate in the field of teaching Aerobics or is fluent in style of Gymnastics can aim to be a part of the FitYouth team. We are on the lookout for Gymnasts, Managers, Dance/ Aerobic Instructors, Fitness Experts, and Artistes who are passionate about working with children and empowering the next generation.

Educational background

We require a Minimum qualification of being a Graduate, preferably in Performing Arts (Dance, Gymnast, Zumba, Music,) Psychology, Yoga (Body Work), B. P.ed, M .P.ed.We need to build more strong points, so we will give our first preferences to candidates who have demonstrated their skills in active participation in cultural/ dance/ theatre activities in college.




Here’s what we are looking for

FitYouth values these additional skills and believes they improve the teaching to be more positive and dynamic:


Movement Skills

Communication skills

Writing skills

Child Management skills

Time Management skills

Problem Solving skills

Dynamic Social skills

Life at FitYouth


It’s exciting, it’s erratic, it’s rewarding, and always demanding for the challenges up ahead. Working at FitYouth means you’re working hand in glove with the Association of National Aerobics Championship Worldwide. It doesn’t matter where you start from, there’s no limit to where you can reach. There’s always room to explore and grow. Here, we claim our rewards by rubbing shoulders with the best people in the Industry and earning the badge of being the first School Aerobic Organistion to lead the best to the nation’s forefront.


Check out more about our Upcoming events, Rules, etc.




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