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At the heart of it, we aim to be the first organisation to lead India to the biggest platform of Aerobics Gymnastics – ANAC. Our organisation paves the road forward by preparing the youth with the right educational tools and creating a physically healthy atmosphere by freeing them from the chains of obesity, and encouraging them to make healthier choices in life. Our strategy lies in making the transformation a fun-learning process, with a strong focus on leadership values, team engagement and personal fitness and nutritional care. This is in continuation to our efforts of nurturing and honing the finest talents, to represent our country in the International Aerobics Gymnastics Championship and be recognised as leaders in the health and wellness industry.



  • One year from now, FitYouth will be recognised as an expert organisation in leading the finest talents from India to represent the country at the forefront of the world’s best platform in Aerobics Gymnastics.

  • FitYouth to be the leader in Health, Wellness and Sport Education.

  • India will dominate the world in Gymnastics sport.

  • We will be Preparing healthy youth for making India a superpower.

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