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FitYouth Anac India is proud to extend its partnership with  National-International Aerobic Gymnastics Champion, Paulo Dos Santos – founder of Happy Dance Power System. With programs such as Hip Hop, Samba and Aerobic Gymnastics, Happy Dance Power System is a healthy step forward to tackle obesity and stress. With valuable support from his organization, we aim to share his vision of love, happiness and success through our workshops. With these stars on our shoulders, we are sure the challenging roads ahead will make the journey worth it.

Building Global Partnerships
Being part of Global Community
Japan Dance Association

 Its recently released Fitness program attends to youth by merging it with current school curriculum. Happy Dance is leading the fitness industry empowering people to grow and develop not only their physical fitness, but their relationships with their children and loved ones. Some of the many Happy Dance programs are Hip Hop, Samba and a GOLD program designed specifically for Aerobic Gymnastics. Currently residing in Japan, Paulo owns his own Productions Company, PR Production Co. Ltd. Paulo is also a Technical Advisor for the JAF (Japan Aerobic Federation) and Vice President of JDA (Japan Dance Association

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