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Anoop Gurung (Founder and CEO)

The Founding Director of Fit Youth ANAC INDIA, Mr. Anoop Gurung is a name that’s held in high esteem in the field of physical education. With the sole aim of empowering India with superior fitness and health, he brings his years of training and education for the young generation. An Ambassador of Happy Dance and representative of ANAC, Mr. Gurung has judged international aerobic championships and led many delegations and conferences on aerobics and fitness. His expertise can be traced down to his foundations with Bachelors and Masters in Physical Education, and now being certified internationally in Fitness and Gymnastics. Students under his leadership have earned distinctions at both National and International Levels and retained the National Championship status since 2012; while some of the younger prodigies have bagged Bronze and Silver at the U14 Aero Dance Trios Category at the 26th ANAC international aerobic championship at San Diego. His passion for life goes beyond than just being a big name in the industry - he wants the youth of India to reach their true potential and take up the mantle of representing the country in its most powerful spirit and healthiest form.

Shikha Gurung (Co-Founder )

The Co-Founder Shikha Gurung, with more than a decade of experience and teachings, has always been an avid sportsperson, teacher, and coach in the field of Physical Education. With an impressive education background consisting of a Masters in Physical Education (LNIPE Gwalior), Shikha truly believes that challenges are what make an individual grow and overcome their fears. She strives to push the barriers of Physical Education in India to greater heights, ultimately taking the youth of India to international standards. Throughout the years of her experience in a wide range of schools like Birla Balika Vidhya Peeth Pilani, New Era public school, N.C. Jindal public school Punjabi Bagh, etc. has made her a leader in not only her field but has also empowered her several key attributes, some of which include Team Building, Event Management, and Guidance along with Counselling. She has a been National level Gymnast and Gold medallist in All India InterVarsity and School National Games. Needless to say, her reputation speaks through her works and her involvement with FIT YOUTH ANAC INDIA will only take the organization, along with the youth, to higher elevations.

Akash Monga(Director Business Development and Sales)

From Jazz to Hip-Hop, from Ballet to Contemporary, Akash Monga is fluent in many styles and is always up for a new challenge. Over the yea