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All ANAC Competitions follow the FIG Code of Point 2017-2020

2017 ANAC AeroDance Rules- CLICK HERE

The ANAC proudly continues the tradition of offering the AeroDance division at the International Aerobic Championship (IAC) for individuals, mixed pairs, trios, and teams. AeroDance affords athletes of all skill levels and dance levels the opportunity to participate by offering enhancements to the Aerobic Dance division of Aerobic Gymnastics. ANAC’s AeroDance division increases the entertainment value and opportunities for creativity, artistry, and dance.

Please note, the basic fundamentals for AeroDance are the same as the FIG Code of Points for Aerobic Dance. The ANAC recognizes the FIG Code of Points as the mechanism for scoring Aerobic Dance. Any qualifying FIG COP Aerobic Dance routine can be performed at the ANAC International Aerobic Championship with opportunities to add to a score’s value by following the provisions for additional/enhanced AeroDance routines.

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