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“Kids don’t want to run; they want to do something that is exciting and fun.”

School Sportaerobics and creative body movement is a key method of achieving wholesome wellbeing and a motivated mind-set for the educational years. We have developed a well thought out program that blends into the natural curriculum and prepares students for a healthier future. Our current curriculum focuses on students from kindergarten to Grade-VIII, and wishes to bring out the best in their physical aptitude. We start from a grass-root level participation and train the students in Aero dance, kinesthetic and gymnastics aerobics, and prepare them for participations in the International Aerobics Championships of The Association of National Aerobics Championship Worldwide.


FitYouth aims to take the idea of a healthier nation forward, with its expertise knowledge in Sportaerobics and introducing it as a great avenue to improve the health and lifestyle choices of students. The program works at the fundamental level and works its way up to become a vital part of a child’s educational growth. It’s a platform that empowers students and boosts their self-confidence by participation in national Championships and a chance to represent our country in one of the most esteemed championships in Aerobic Gymnastics – The Association of National Aerobics Championship Worldwide Est 1984. Our programs are specially curated and aim to engage students with regular workshops on gymnastics, dance and aerobics - to target and improve their fitness level. This is all done in a congruent manner in our preparation for their preliminary participation in State and National-level Championships.


Since the launch of our organisation, our primary focus has been to develop new and better techniques and forms with the support of world-class athletes and to impart the same to our students, so they can stay up-to-date for the challenging road ahead. The courses not only bring a holistic improvement to students’ education and confidence but also help them deal with obesity and learn about an improved lifestyle where they take voluntary healthier choices in life. We think of School Sportaerobics not only as an essential part of a child’s education but a boon in teaching that is deeply ingrained in them for the rest of their lives.


It’s a philosophy and a state-of-mind that shape students to their potential best.