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At Fit Youth, we love what we do, and it is our passion that helps us explore newer avenues in Sportaerobics and kinesthetic. Creative Gymnastics is an intricate art and our team is dedicated to help students capture it in a tangible way of self-expression. And with rising problems of childhood obesity, our program is essential to a healthier course of action.From fundamental-level aerobics to a more advanced, from flexibility to cardiovascular endurance training, Fit Youth conducts a stream of workshops in schools. We employ the latest trends in physical education, training and wellness development, in both concept and research, to build world-class athletes specialized in Aerobic Gymnastics with a full mentorship course for budding sportsmen (basic to professional level).

Students get full guidance and mentoring under the most revered Mr. Anoop Gurung, an acclaimed international judge in Aerobics Gymnastics qualified by FIG and ambassador of Happy Dance in India, with dance veterans Akash Monga and Nitika Bisht whose years of expertise in professional dancing bring out the best in their students. We also enjoy the partnership of guest instructors Paulo Dos Santos (Happy Dance, Japan), Mikhail Nazaryev and Maria Nazaryev (Russia), and being the only organisation to be affiliated to ANAC (Association of National Aerobics Championship Worldwide Est.1984), we collectively work towards bringing out the best talents to represent India in the International Aerobics Gymnastics Championship.


Our trainers are our best assets and we educate them with International certification and courses in Sportaerobics and sports training. Everyone in FitYouth likes to keep themselves up-to-date by enhancing and upgrading their knowledge in the field, and utilizing it in our certification workshops and Sportaerobics courses. So that they are always well-informed and updated and can give complete focus on addressing the children’s health and lifestyle issues. Our courses aim to prepare the youth of the Nation to reach their physical and creative potential and guide all students who wish to get involved in Aerobic gymnastics towards the correct platform.

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