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School Sports Aerobics

“Kids don’t want to run; they want to do something that is exciting and fun.”

We are proud to have put on a number of unique events over the years. Browse the images below for an idea of some of the wonderful experiences enjoyed by every kid. If you’d like to join us for future events, please get in touch.
All are welcome!

School Sportaerobics and creative body movement is a key method of achieving wholesome wellbeing and a motivated mind-set for the educational years. We have developed a well thought out program that blends into the natural curriculum and prepares students for a healthier future. Our current curriculum focuses on students from kindergarten to Grade-VIII, and wishes to bring out the best in their physical aptitude. We start from a grass-root level participation and train the students in Aero dance, kinesthetic and gymnastics aerobics, and prepare them for participations in the International Aerobics Championships of The Association of National Aerobics Championship Worldwide.


Working out obesity in India

Today, one of the biggest hindrances
in a child’s success is obesity. A problem that seems to be noticeably prevalent among 14.4 million kids in the country itself – making India the 2nd highest in child obesity. This results from an unorderly lifestyle, junk food, increasing pressures and most importantly, a lack of overall fitness education to address the issue. This is not only a shortcoming but if it’s not addressed at the right time, it becomes a part of the lifestyle.



On behalf of the Association of National Aerobic Championships Worldwide, we are proud to be associated with Anoop Gurung and his Fit Youth Exordium and School Aerobics programs. We have every confidence that his experience, knowledge, energy, and spirit will be a catalyst in developing Youth fitness throughout India and a strong representative to aerobic gymnastics and to the ANAC Worldwide.