50 Reasons why Parents should allow kids to play sports

We all know why playing sports is necessary for children and what are its benefits. In case you need a quick insight this list will help you to remember what you already know.

1.Increases Confidence

2. Builds Friendships

3. Builds Character

4.Improves Self-Esteem

5. Improves Memory

6.Reduces Obesity

7. Develops Resilience

8.Teaches Respect

9. Improves Mood

10. Develops Creativity

11.Reduces Anxiety

12. Reduces Stress

13. Reduces Depression

14. Teaches Life Lessons

15. Improves Brain Functioning

16.Improves Sleep

17.Improves Decision Making

18. Promotes Fair Play

19. Improves Body Image

20. Boosts Brain Power

21.Develops Focus

22.Improves Academic Performance

23. Promotes Social Interaction

24. Develops Autonomy

25.Develops Stronger Bones

26. Develops Stronger Joints

27. Helps to Control Weight

28. Increases Energy Level

29. Increased Attention

30. Improves Quality of Life

31. Teaches Children About Values

32. Improves Cognitive Functioning

33.Improves Posture

34.Builds Strength

35. Improves Body Flow

36. Improves Fitness

37.Teaches Team Work

38. Improves Learning

39.Reduces Fatigue

40. Improves Breathing

41. Helps Children to Learn from Failures

42. Improves reflexes

43.Helps Children to Achieve Goals

44.Helps to Develop Coping Skills

45. Improves Immune System

46. Teaches children about Winning

47. Teaches Children about Losing

48. Helps Children to Experience Success.

49.Children have Fun

50. Can Make a Career out of it.

Every man's Reason is sufficient for his guidance, if used.     

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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