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Essential Gymnastics Skills for Beginners-Part II

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

In the first part of this series I have outlined the Statics Skills (balance,cheer-leading actions,front/rear/side support and handstand) of the Dynamic Movement Pattern. In this post I will be summarizing about the Locomotion Skills


Locomotion describes an action that is repeated over and over while travelling (that is, moving the body’s center of gravity from one point to another forwards, backwards or sideways). For example, skipping forward is an action most teachers and coaches are familiar with that is a locomotion skill.

» Side Steps Push Steps — an action (usually repeated) where the participant takes steps sideways with a counter push back to the middle.

Side Steps Push Steps


» Heel Dig Walks— an action where the participant takes steps combined with an action where the heel of the foot is thrust forward.

Heel Dig Walks


» March Steps — an action where the participant coordinates lifting one knee and swinging opposite hands/arms forward and backward as the other knee is raised.

March Steps


» Grapevine — an action where the participant steps sideways with one leg and then crosses the other leg in front of or behind the first leg in the same direction. This pattern continues.

Grape Vine


» Scorpion Kick— This is a term that describes a fun locomotion inversion skill that can also be undertaken as a progression for handstands. The participant places outstretched hands on the floor and raises one leg

in line with the body, momentarily supporting their body weight. The action is repeated traveling forward as the remaining support leg springs.

Scorpion Kick

These are the basic Locomotion skills on which the further skills are developed.

In the coming parts I will be covering about the Rotation and Springing and Landing.Stay Tuned.

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