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Essential Gymnastics Skills for Beginners-Part III


Rotation describes activities where participants undertake turning around different body axes, for example, rotation can be on the lateral axis (e.g. a forward roll), the longitudinal axis (e.g. log rolls, jump turns etc.) or the medial axis (e.g. cartwheels). Participants should be able to support their own body weight when doing these activities.

» Turns — the action of rotating on a longitudinal axis, including walking or jumping turns.



» Cartwheels— a weight-bearing action where, through the medial axis, participants make a lunge shape and pass the shoulders, hips and limbs through an inverted body position. The rotation occurs as hands and feet support the body in turn.



» Safety Rolls — activities or rolls where there is an emphasis on safe landing positions. Participants learn how to land in upright or controlled falling positions and to exit safely through a rotation shape that helps protect their body as the impact is absorbed and distributed safely. Participants should learn how to land safely when moving forwards, backwards, sideways or from raised surfaces.



In the Next part I will discuss about Springing and Landing Skills.

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